The Birds Park · Museo de Ciencias de Bahía Blanca

Código QR - Playlist Paseo de Aves Museo de Ciencias - Sonoteca Bahía Blanca

A Project developed together  with the Museo de Ciencias de Bahía Blanca. The objective is to develop a public area situated in the Parque de la Ciudad: The Birds Park.

We tried to allow the access to the sound patrimony of the museum, through new interaction opportunities. The visitor can listen to the birds singing, through his mobile. He also can unload sounds and images, in order to have more information about these birds. This is easy, fast and free.

The Project is divided in three stages:

· Publication of the The Birds Park in a digital file.

· Restoration of the information columns in the park.

· Publication of the Birds Guide, including a digital QR code with audiovisual information.




Cabildo Sound Map · Escuela de Educación Secundaria Nº 4

QR - De qué pueblo sos - Mapa Sonoro Cabildo

Teacher Andrea Mundiñano and her pupils from  Cabildo Escuela de Educación Secundaria N°4, developed a Project called “Which town are you from?”.  The objective is to promote the inmaterial patrimony of the town, and the sounds of the place. They recorded different sounds and created the Sound Map of Cabildo.