We want to know the sounds of the city, let us listen to them!
Sonoteca Bahia Blanca invites citizens to participate in the construction of the Sound Map of the city. We understand it as a tool capable of giving us the opportunity to rediscover, understand and disseminate the cultural diversity of the city, participating from our own identity. Therefore, we invite the community to record sounds showing the local soundscape.
Those interested can send audio files in any format to archivo@sonotecabahiablanca.com
The file must be accompanied by the following information:
_Name and surname
_Description sound (e.g: Parrots in the Parque de Mayo, playground in City Park, etc.)
_Address (eg: Alsina 425) or place where the sound was recorded  (e.g: Municipal Theatre of Bahía Blanca)
_Date, Time, approximate time (e.g: Saturday September 21, 2013, 18hrs, sunset, etc.)
_Device used for capturing sound (e.g: Cellphone, MP3 player, etc.)
_Dataset_name contact (email, social networks, phone, etc.)
_ User name (e.g: magrimaldi, elnavarrete, etc.)


All works included in the Soundmap of Bahía Blanca are under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International