The next series of activities based on proposals by Raymond Murray Schafer Canadian composer and musician, on“Towards a sound education, 100 exercises hearing and sound production” (Arcana: 1992; 144 pps).
You need:
– Paper.
– Pencil.
– Ears wide open.
1) Write down all sounds you hear. You can take the time you want to perform this task.
Note: This simple exercise can be done anywhere by anyone. It would be interesting to repeat at different times and in contrasting environments, not only to develop the habit of listening, but also to compare each “postal sound”.
2) Now let’s group the sounds you registered in different ways:
We recommend:
a- Sound of nature, a sound produced by the human or technological sounds. Which one prevailed? Which is your favorite?
b- Some sounds continued incessantly during the listening; others perhaps were repeated, sounding more than once, while some were heard only once. Group them according to these characteristics.
c- Loud and softer sounds. Which ones prevailed? Which are your favourites?
d- Pleasant and unpleasant sounds. Which do you think predominate?