The Sound as an Intangible Cultural Heritage
«Perceiving, understanding and conceiving our sound identity, that of our places, its coherence and its idiosyncrasy is a necessary and healthy exercise. To capture and expose sounds means an extension of life and the creation of new spaces.» (; 2006)
The soundscape has been declared by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Therefore, its safeguarding, revitalization, regeneration and dissemination will be an important contribution to the regional and local culture.
Sonoteca Bahia Blanca is a virtual platform that aims to provide a common space for the collection, concentration, sharing and distribution of sound through its georeferencing and organization in a database, from a collaborative, supportive cultural practice and community status.
This project seek to enhance the sound heritage of the city, to rediscover and disseminate it, as a means of our identity.


Declared of Municipal Interest by the Honorable Council of Bahía Blanca (Exp: HCD-159/2015)
Declared of Municipal Interest by the Cultural Institute of Bahía Blanca (NL311 Nº468/2016 Resol. Nº3/205)
Declared of Cultural Interest by the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires (Exp: D-1294/17-18)
Declared of Cultural Interest by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina (Resol: 2017-1067-APN-MC)