What is Sonoteca Bahia Blanca?
Sonoteca Bahia Blanca is a virtual platform that aims to provide a common space for the collection, concentration, sharing and distribution of sound through its georeferencing and organization in a database, from a collaborative, supportive cultural practice and community status.
Who are we?
Sonoteca Bahia Blanca reflects input from a community of individuals, mostly professionals and volunteers.
How can you participate?
– By sending your opinions, suggestions, questions, write to: sonoteca@sonotecabahiablanca.com
– By sending material to archivo@sonotecabahiablanca.com with the following information enclosed:
   #Name and surname (or name of organization or group).
   #File description (only for classification purposes).
   #Location (neighborhood, address).
   #Contact details (telephone, mail, web).
– Participating in our poll; Your opinion is important.
– Through a contribution to help us with the costs of the platform.
– By joining the team or working as a volunteer.